Robert Jones & Associates

Since its inception in 1982, the organization has grown from a one person operation to a staff of eight people; consisting of four appraisers, one appraiser trainee and three office support personnel. The business is comprised of two departments, Commercial and Residential.

Is managed by Robert R. Jones, who holds the SRA, RM and GAA designations.

Is managed by Christopher M. Jones, who holds the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute.


Is indeed a family business. In addition to Bob's son Chris, his wife Marge as the Office Manager is assisted by Daughter in Law, Kim. Plus our very capable secretary, Elissa Eshelman..


The company occupies a modern office building containing 1,700 square feet of work space. The office utilizes one of the most sophisticated computer networks available in the appraisal industry. Within the office, there is a network of more than a dozen work stations attached to the main computer which has a capacity in excess of 10 G/B of memory. The software utilized in the Residential Division is from Day One, which is recognized as one of the leading appraisal software companies in the USA. Other software used in the preparation of commercial appraisals include Word Perfect, Dbase and Lotus. There are several Hewlett Packard Laser printers networked with the system, and a large data base of previous appraisal assignments and comparable sales is maintained within the office.

This allows us to create top quality appraisal reports which are second to none.
There are five residential Staff Appraisers who are certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and hold a current Real Estate License. All our appraisers are experienced in single family and multi-family appraisals. .A significant portion of our business is for people who feel their property is assessed too high and are appealing their tax assessment. All appraisers are familiar with urban, suburban and rural properties, with experience ranging from small townhouses to large residential mansions.

Robert R. Jones & Associates has become one of the leading appraisal offices in Central Pennsylvania and enjoys a good reputation with the general public as well as other appraisal offices. We have provided appraisals for most of the major lending institutions in the Central Pennsylvania area as well as the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Veterans Administration, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Most of the appraisals are completed for various lending institutions and are used for mortgage underwriting purposes; however, a significant part of our business comes from individuals wishing to know the value of their property for Estate Purposes, Divorces or Condemnations.

Relocation Appraisals are also a very important part of the Residential Division and are given special attention, as we understand how stressful a relocation can be on a family. Another part of our business is appraisal for the purpose of Tax Appeals. Our firm has a broad base of clients in the legal profession. We have qualified as expert witnesses in seven counties in Central Pennsylvania.

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