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  • to determine real estate taxes you need your current assessed value and the county in which you live
  • .to find out the assessed value you will need to contact the assessment office. For your convenience go to the map and click on your county..
  • when you have verified the information with your county assessment office. please return to this web page for further information
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  • when you return to this page, enter the assessed value into the table below.


Following is a brief description of each.

ASSESSED VALUE is to estimate property value as a basis for taxation.

MARKET VALUE is an estimate of the most probable price as of a specified date for which the property should sell after a reasonable exposure in a competitive market.

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Select County:

Enter the County's Assessment Value:

up-to-date Assessed Value:

click to obtain the county estimate of the current market value of the property.

All figures are subject to change on a regular basis, this is only as accurate as the information we were able to obtain.

If their opinion of value is significantly different from what you believe the value of your property to be, you have the option of challenging your assessment.

The first thing we would suggest is that you contact the County Assessment Office and verify that all the information they have on your property is correct.

If the information is not correct, ask to have the information updated and what effect will it have on your assessment.

After you have verified the information is correct and there is still a difference of opinion, it is probably time to consider having your home appraised, An independent appraiser will establish the current market value of your property, ROBERT R. JONES & ASSOCIATES are independent appraisers.

For information on ordering an appraisal please call us at (717)652-6600, or fax us at (717) 652-3983 or you may place an order with this web page. To place an order on-line, return to home page, at the bottom of the page click, PLACE AN ORDER ON-LINE.

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