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Dauphin County's Court-ordered Reassessment Nears Completion

The countywide reassessment ordered by the courts in 1994 is about to enter its final phase. Manatron/Sabre, the company contracted to perform a reappraisal of every property in the county, has completed its valuation work.

Before turning its appraisals over to Dauphin County, Sabre will perform a final quality check mailing to each property owner. You will receive a preliminary notice from Sabre stating its opinion of the current market value of your property. Sabre will mail these notices over a five-week period in February and March. Because quality assurance letters will be issued in groups by municipality, notices for multiple properties which you may own in several municipalities may not all arrive at the same time.

From the quality assurance notice you will be able to access the physical description of your property and the information Sabre used to appraise its value, you also will be able to directly contact Sabre for an informational review. This review provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the appraisal and to provide any information not discovered in the original data collection process that may affect your property's assessment value.

Once Sabre has completed the informational reviews, it will surrender the reassessment data to Dauphin County. By July 1st, you will receive your official notice of reassessment from the county tax assessment office, That notice will contain the old and new assessments for your property, as well as a statement of the impact from the new assessment upon your property taxes.

Your period for appeal of the new assessment will begin upon your receipt of the county notice. All appeals will be heard by October 31, 2001. The new assessment will then be first utilized for 2002 taxes.

As some web sites differ we highly suggest that you contact your local Tax Assessment office@

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