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75% of all people with Mortgages are paying
Mortgage Insurance (PMI)!

You are probably paying $40 - $100 per month in
Mortgage Insurance that was set up when you first
bought your house!

A 1998 federal law requires lenders to allow you to
drop your Mortgage Insurance!

To drop your PMI, all you need is an appraisal done
on your house that shows you have 20% equity-you're
allowed to include increases in property values,
improvements, additions, swimming pools, etc!!!

There have been new guidelines set forth for the removal of PMI.

An option is for the homeowner/mortgagor to acquire an appraisal of the Real Estate.Some lenders approve certain appraisers, while most require a State Certified Appraiser

To determine if you need the appraisal, contact your lending institution to find out your current mortgage balance..

Once you have your mortgage amount balance divide it by .8.

That equates to the value needed for the removal of PMI.

Another option is to refinance your mortgage, to deternine if this is fesable contact a lending institution. below are links to some of our favorites.

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